church history

Church History

On December 6, 1984, a charter was granted to the interest group of believers for JESUS IS THE ANSWER MINISTRY. The ministry began in one of the parishioners home approximately one year later. After many prayers and supplication to the Lord, the church was moved to a small building. After several years of operation as Jesus Is The Answer Ministry, Pastor Wade received a Word from the Lord to rename this segment of God’s end-time army to New Anointing International Ministries, Inc., Also known as New Anointing Family Worship Center, or New Anointing Church, this is a five-fold ministry of believers.

Healings, deliverance, teaching, salvation, baptisms, restored relationships, prophecy, and building lives are some of the areas the Holy Spirit manifest its work through the believers in this ministry. We believe in the Trinity, the Bible on its entirety, and Jesus as the answer to the entire human need.

This anointed assembly of believers has affected the lives of many. Testimonies and miracles bear witness to this fact. The anointing flows where there’s forgiveness, dedication, obedience, faith, and love. This is the baseline, the root system, the thrust of New Anointing International Ministries, Inc., where people are our priority, Jesus our source, and the Holy Spirit our guide.