Personal Ministry Mentoring

Your life is a testimony.  How you live your life reflects your world view and your belief or faith in God.  The goal and purpose of Personal Ministry Mentoring is to help you integrate your life so that you mature into the likeness of Christ.

This service is ideal for individuals who are serious about fulfilling the call of God on their lives and reaching spiritual maturity.  It's also a great program for other individuals that want to get real value out of what they do with their life.

Analysis & Review

You were created with unique desires and resources, and your personality has been formed through experience and circumstances.  During the initial stage of mentoring we discover who God made you to be.  This includes your motivational spiritual gifts, your personality profile, and your life asperations.

Mentoring Sessions

The real work of intentional growth and change is done through regularly scheduled mentoring sessions.  The sessions are efficiently conducted by telephone appointment, scheduled well in advance.

Tools and Resources

Some of the tools are used to discover things about you that might not be readily apparent (personality tests and gift tests).  Other tools are used to organize your thinking and provide accountability. 

Evaluation and Review

Periodic evaluations are conducted to make sure that your expectations are being met, and to insure that you are progressing spiritually.  We use tangible ways to measure the intangible changes involved in personal ministry counseling.

Value for Value Exchange


"It is a wonderful feeling to know that you share common values with your mentor.  I never have to second guess Pastor Wade's recommendations - they're always based on biblical principles.  That's comforting to me."


The features include:

Your benefits:

Getting Started

If you are interested in finding out more about the Personal Ministry Mentoring program, please call to schedule a time for an introductory interview.  Feel free to call at (904) 764- 7770 or email us at

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